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Free/$4.99 Every video call I’m on (and there are a lot nowadays) I lament my webcam. Even though I have a fairly good one, it just seems the case that most webcams aren’t really up to snuff. Mine has an especially difficult time with things like whi
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Small And Somewhat Mighty
This build proved slightly more complex to assemble than we’d hoped, but that may have come down to our ham-handedness while trying to plug in tiny I/O cables inside this cramped case. The finished product looks good and runs great, though, with sati
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APC Experts Solve Computing Problems
My monitor is an Alienware 25 and it says it will display 240Hz, but if I go to my settings to change it to 240Hz the screen goes black and then nothing happens until it reverts automatically to 60Hz. Do I need to have an Nvidia graphics card, or can