Fun for All

he art world is holding on to its mask as one of many passengers on the never-ending Covid loop-the-loop. Continuing to defy gravity, and tagging along with the cresting United States stock market, is the world of auctions. In India, a one-time art juggernaut, yet sluggish since the 2008 financial crisis, two local houses sold top-drawer paintings for dozens of while the country’s infection rates climbed to tragic highs. In late August, homegrown Mumbai upstart AstaGuru pawned off an average

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Memories of Murder
In 1996 in northwest China, a 13-year-old called Zhang Koukou watched his mother die after her fight with a neighbor turned violent. Twenty-two years later, Zhang brutally murdered his mother’s killer, along with the man’s brother and elderly father.
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Kelly Akashi
Artist, educator, and curator Kelly Sumiko Akashi is well known in Los Angeles for her nimble mind and dexterous hands. A genuinely curious person, she enjoys visiting different places and observing a wide range of plants and creatures. Her mixed-med
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Xu Zhen Eternity Vs Evolution
In her 2009 Frieze article “The Big Issue,” critic Carol Yinghua Lu decried the trend toward large-scale spectacle in contemporary Chinese art driven by market forces that favored “visual extravaganzas” over criticality. Over a decade on, Lu’s concer