ONCE UPON A TIME, THE DALEKS had empires. The children of Skaro conquered whole galaxies from their fleets of saucers, all led by the mighty, golden-domed Dalek Emperor. They battled Monstrons and Mechonoids, conquered the Archives of Phryne and finally set their eyestalks on invading Earth…

Of course, none of that happened on screen. While Doctor Who has filled out the backstory of its first and best monster (most notably in 1975’s bleakly brilliant “Genesis Of The Daleks”), it hasn’t spent too much time on what they get up to when the Time Lord isn’t around. Instead, much of the lore surrounding them came from the printed page, in Terry Nation’s Dalek Special and in the TV Century 21 comic strips.

All of that changes with – a new CGI animation launching online in November. With not a TARDIS in sight, it follows the pernicious pepperpots as they do what they do

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