“Part of the brief was to remember the comics of the ’60s, where the Daleks had their own adventures,” says Jon Doyle of the one-page and we thought, ‘If we can capture some of that…’”

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Dave Prowse 1935-2020
SCI-FACT! Prowse claimed he was also considered for the roles of Conan the Barbarian and Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me. HIS FACE WAS NEVER seen, his true voice never heard. But as the man inside the armour, Dave Prowse, imbued Darth Vader with a physi
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Pick of the paperbacks this month: Paul McAuley’s latest, WAR OF THE MAPS( , 7 January, Gollancz). Set in the distant future, on a vast artificial world beset by invaders that genetically alter animals and plants, turning them into killers, it centre
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Rants & Raves
The Mandalorian is the best Star Wars we’ve had since Rogue One. I cannot understand any “fans” claiming it’s not good enough. Star Trek: Discovery has been a joy to watch unfold week by week – being freed from canon has been fantastic! Hopefully The