Bass Player


Not long ago, most bass players’ signal chains consisted of an instrument cable that travelled directly from their bass into an amplifier. Today, an expansive range of outboard devices, designed specifically for bass guitar,

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Bass Player2 min cititeTechnology & Engineering
EBS Stanley Clarke Acoustic Preamp
EBS $499 The challenges of successfully replicating the complex sound of a double bass through a PA system or amplifier are substantial. Whether trying to coax an authentic tone out of a nasal-sounding piezo pickup, or struggling
Bass Player7 min citite
Explore Chord Swapping
Hello again! Following on from our look at swapping out the bass note to change the chord in the last issue, we’re going to take a look at how this enables us to liven up otherwise simple and repetitive chord progressions. These are methods that crop
Bass Player2 min citite
Bass Lessons
Dig into your favorite bass parts... and discover treasure! Ryan Madora is one of Nashville’s most sought-after touring and session bassists. Recent touring and session credits include Robben Ford, Kyshona Armstrong, and her instrumental trio, The I