A New Zealand photography student has taken out the top spot

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D-Photo4 min cititeScience & Mathematics
Gear Showdown best Vlogging Cameras
Not so long ago the term ‘vlogging’ was all but unknown and certainly not a big consideration in many new camera purchases. In today’s digitally connected world, content creation has become serious business, and people looking to create video blog co
D-Photo2 min citite
Far Out, What A Year It Has Been
In mid January, I was sitting in a sunny field in Henderson, Auckland. It was midafternoon on a Wednesday, cows were happily chewing grass in the next paddock over, while I was at an outdoor festival waiting for one of the world’s biggest music acts
D-Photo6 min citite
The Laws Of Ordinary Existence Do Not Apply
The colours seem to bloom and roil within the frame. Flares of turquoise punctuate tracts of cold teal, clots of periwinkle surrounded by deep midnight set off small canary tendrils; the images look like they could be the cross-sections of some alien