Total Girl



ic check. One. Two! This little cutie can do it all – video game streaming, podcasting, even capturing the sweet sound of your

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Total Girl1 min cititeScience & Mathematics
Two-tone Sunglasses
✦ Sunglasses ✦ Two nail polish colours ✦ Tape ✦ Scissors Step 1 Cut a piece of tape long enough to stick across the sunglasses, separating the top and bottom half. Step 2 Paint the top half of the frame with one nail polish colour. Avoid getting poli
Total Girl1 min citite
Celebrity FAVES
K-pop band: Blackpink Colour: Blue Celeb crush: Joe Jonas Fun fact: She cuts her own hair Food: Pizza Music genre: Pop Karaoke song: ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)’ by Whitney Houston Lyric of hers: “I’m all out of salt ”
Total Girl1 min citite
Cute Eye Mask
★ Sheet of felt ★ Plastic cup or glass ★ Pencil or marker ★ Ruler ★ Scissors ★ Satin ★ Elastic ★ Hot-glue gun ★ Craft glue ★ Sequins and a patch ★ Glitter glue Step 1 To make a template, take your felt and trace two plastic cups next to each other wi