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Every so often a book comes along and changes the way you think about life. is one of those. It is a parable really, a novel to make you think about the

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Should I Ditch My CONDITIONER?
Fine hair needs a lot of TLC, right? If you’re not using the right products, it can mean it’s limp, lacklustre and be difficult to keep clean. We often use shampoo and conditioners that are too heavy and the fact is, fine hair doesn’t need a lot. We
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Weekly RETRO
For people living on their own, try cooking a small amount of each vegetable in the same saucepan. Carrot, parsnip, potato and kumara can be cooked together and are nice mashed, for a change. The vegetables which need longer cooking, such as carrot,
New Zealand Woman’s Weekly3 min citite
Giddy up, GRAN!
It’s hard to believe my London family has been home for a month. Well, six weeks if you count quarantine, but I don’t because I couldn’t actually be with them for that fortnight they were doing their time. Every day since they made it home, I’ve coun