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Tech Porn Performance Gear Laid Rare
FOR WHAT FELT LIKE an eternity, each generation and advancement of GPU architecture signalled a shift in processing power. For the longest time that power was levied almost exclusively at dedicated graphics cards, ripe and ready to rip those frame ra
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SteelSeries Arctis 9 $170
A LOT OF HEADSETS seem to have at least one or two things that hold them back from being great, either to reduce the cost, or to help one aspect of the headset exceed at the expense of another. The Arctis 9, on the other hand, does everything that is
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1TB Samsung 870 EVO
IS THERE ANYTHING left in the tank when it comes to solid-state drives based on ye olde SATA interface? It’s a reasonable question, what with the obvious limitations of what is a positively antiquated interface. After all, the latest M.2 PCI Express