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MSI MPG Sekira 500X

into the world of cases too often, generally making its money from laptops, motherboards, and GPUs. This feels evident in both the marketing material of the MPG Sekira 500X, and the case itself. Visit the product page on MSI’s website and you’re bombarded with lofty claims that the case was inspired by the "Axe of Perun," accompanied by a bizarre promotional image of a shirtless man gripping what is clearly Gimli’s

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How To
STAFF WRITER Windows 10’s support for gamers has been steadily improving over the years. Hit Windows + G to access a suite of handy features, such as capture tools, customizable integrated widgets (including stuff like Spotify or Asus’s ROG Armory Cr
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The Console Connection
One of the many highlights of the two new games consoles from Microsoft is a new approach to storage and indeed a greater focus on storage performance. Happily, the technologies involved are going to spill over to the PC. Most notable is Microsoft’s
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We’ve spent a lot of time working with Mayhems over the last few months on its XTR coolant. It still continues to impress us as far as coolant goes, but it’s fair to say that it is very niche, especially for the mass market. However, perhaps it might