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You know that Crusader Kings III is here, and it’s pretty damn great. Paradox Interactive’s medieval strategy game is sprawling and engrossing and contains endless possibilities – but that’s no reason not to add a whole bunch more. Modders have been busy tinkering with CKIIIalmost since the moment it arrived in September, and there are already lots of fun and interesting ways to customise both the rules and the rulers.

One of the most enjoyable changes in CKIII is the character portrait system. Portraits looked great in Crusader Kings II, and as you aged or were wounded you’d see those changes reflected in your character’s picture like a medieval Dorian Gray. But those portraits were small, static images, and in Crusader Kings III they’re bigger, far more detailed and, best of all, animated.

As attached as we get to our characters, it would be nice if the game let you see them up is, it’s hard to get a really good look at your characters, but thankfully, several modders jumped in and did the work for us. One of the main focuses of a number of mods has been to expand and improve on the game’s portraits.

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