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This Month’s Lootin’, Shootin’ Reviewers…
Gun mods Outriders Realised how much he misses energy-whipping people into explosive barrels. Honourable crime Yakuza 6 Spent a lot of time looking for the perfect tailored suit for doing martial arts in. Space rubbish Spacebase Startopia Played a
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Hot Deck
On paper, Trials of Fire is everything I despise. I don’t like turn-based roguelikes. I don’t like card battlers, and I really don’t like anything involving hexagons – the Poochie of the shape world. Trials of Fire features all of these, which in any
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Anomalous Materials
Source (and other engines) use BSP terrain, which basically means dragging out boxes and slapping textures on ’em. Quicker than building bespoke 3D models. Need a loud bang to accompany your jump scare? Setting up a brain-teasing puzzle? Most actions