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Take the Detour

Do you find yourself reaching for the same supplies whenever you start to sketch? Are you working with the same tools and techniques over and over again? Do your sketches look like more of the same when you flip through the pages of your sketchbook? It’s good to switch things up once in a while—to hit the refresh button, so to speak.

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Demo: Paint The Snow—in The Snow
1 As with all my paintings, whether working en plein air or in the studio, I started with a thumbnail sketch to plan the design and format of the composition. 2 I toned the canvas with a light wash of warm yellow paint. (The wash shows through in p
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My Plein Air Toolkit
The contents of my plein air painting pack, from top to bottom, left to right are: tripod, GPS tracker, extra food, water bottle, glasses, marker, sketchbook, sunscreen, bug repellent, solvent containers, mirror, Easy-L umbrella, MSR bottle for extra
Artists Magazine1 min citite
A Round Of Applause
It’s a great pleasure to present in this issue the 15 prizewinning works of art and 50 honorable mentions (page 59) which were selected from thousands of entries received in the 37th Annual Art Competition. While these exceptional pieces of art are c