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Step into the Home Office

Happy Ongpauco-Tiu

She is the CEO of Happy Concept Group. As a lifetime foodie, restaurateur and a professionally-trained chef, as well as a loving mother and wife, Ongpauco-Tiu is really left with not much room for downtime. With four boys and a husband at home, she still manages to run all her restaurants and food concepts—and even found a way to start a new table-flatware project!

“I am busier now,” she confesses. “I am homeschooling my sons too. It is so exhausting. I need coffee to really wake up; I have three to four cups a day. I manage my household and my businesses at home so it is a big workload. My schedule is really more hectic.”

How do you stay focused when working from home?

Personal space is important. The kids even know (that) when I am in my office space, they cannot disturb me.

What have you learnt about yourself during lockdown?

I have to be creative. I learnt to be more creative in order to survive, work smarter and be productive.

Business advice?

Be resilient. Do not look back. Look forward and always

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