Philippine Tatler Homes

The Royal Treatment

Amid the backdrop of lush, Scottish verdure stands the majestic Forter Castle. Once laid to ruins, the Scottish Baronial castle now stands proudly in the heart of Scotland’s Cairgnorm National Park. This 460-year-old fortress is home to a rich history coloured by both romance and bloodshed. Having first been erected by the Ogilvys of Airlie in 1560, Forter Castle was destroyed in 1640 by the Campbells of Argyll in the midst of a clan war. For over 300 years, this fortress, once proud, had lain in ruins until its restoration in 1988.

Spanning a little over three decades, Forter Castle’s restoration was undertaken by one of United Kingdom’s most sought-after interior designers. Katharine Pooley and her father,

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