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More For Your Floor
What: Nero Collection by Antica Ceramica What we liked: Launched by Antica Ceramica, the Nero Collection is made of the finest ceramics, artistically designed and customised to blend in the sophistication of black with different trendy patterns. Thes
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Upcycle In Style
The lockdown has forced most of us to tap into our creative sides. Some found their calling in the kitchen and are investing their time in perfecting the art of making banana bread, while others are entertaining netizens by rigorously performing TikT
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A Sparkling Cascade
What: Ahalya by Tanishq What we liked: Tanishq has launched its exclusive range Ahalya which consists of only 28 unique and beautiful jewellery pieces. The range includes: The Glamorous Convergence Set, Infinite Wonder, A Glittering Cascade, Regal Ar