Back to nature

elcome to our December issue! Compared to previous years, we are entering the festive season on a quieter note – with extravagant parties replaced by more intimate occasions, and excess giving way to a more thoughtful appreciation of the people and things we hold dear. There are grounds for optimism

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Wallpaper1 min cititeMedical
Life-enhancer Of The Year Portable Handwashing Station, By Nmbello Studio
When Lagos-based designer Nifemi Marcus-Bello asked local medical professionals to identify the challenges of fighting Covid-19, they told him that effective handwashing can be difficult at overburdened healthcare facilities. Moving from one patient
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Watch Revival
The original ‘Tank’ watch was designed by Cartier in 1917 in response to the First World War. The angled architecture of the armoured vehicles used on the Western Front became the sharp silhouette of the ‘Tank’ case, a rare rectangle when watches wer
Wallpaper1 min cititeCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Tea Time
When London’s Connaught Hotel opened the doors to its new Patisserie, designed by Ab Rogers, in October last year, we were first in the queue to sample executive pastry chef Nicolas Rouzaud’s classic treats, including St Honore cake, and contemporary