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ne of my fondest childhood memories is of sitting on my dad’s lap, a Richard

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The Claws Are Out
TO MARK Leathers, Buffy is more than just a cat. He raised the fluffy 13-year-old feline with great love, getting up early for years to feed her. He installed an air conditioner in his Durban home so she wouldn’t suffer in the heat and even named his
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Good News
Environmentalist and British sculptor JASON DECAIRES TAYLOR has for years applied his talent to conserve the world’s ecosystems by creating underwater museums, and has submerged more than 850 pieces of art in underwater “sculpture parks”. His most re
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Canned Hunting Vs Big-game Hunting
Big-game hunting is different to canned hunting in that hunters wait for and watch their prey or stalk the animals on the ground, looking for tracks and clues to find them in the wild. South Africa is a popular hunting destination due to its diverse