Who Do You Think You Are?



The Lady’s Magazine (1770–1832) and the Making of Literary History

Jennie Batchelor

Edinburgh University Press,

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Who Do You Think You Are?2 min cititeCrime & Violence
More Than Five Million Irish Records Added To Ancestry
Family history website Ancestry (ancestry. co.uk) has released a major new tranche of Irish family history records. In total the seven collections comprise 5,182,148 records. Of particular interest are three record sets that have never been published
Who Do You Think You Are?3 min citite
Remembering Auntie Ethel
Reading an article about servant girls in the Edwardian period, and how they so often went into service far from home, brought to mind Auntie Ethel. She was my mother’s close friend when I was young, and I knew her well. We went to tea with her every
Who Do You Think You Are?1 min citite
Jarrold and Sons is a firm synonymous with Norwich. Established in Woodbridge in the neighbouring county of Suffolk in 1770, the business moved to Cockey Lane (now London Street), Norwich, in 1823 and set up as a printer, bookseller and stationer, wh