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Hair cells reveal your mental health

1 Hyperactive gene harms cells

he MPST gene is hyperactive in the brain cells of schizophrenics. The

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The Deep Sea Floor Teems With Life
We have planted flags on the Moon, sent spacecraft to Mars, and taken samples from asteroids 300 million kilometres away. But there are still places on Earth that humans have never visited. The American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
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Space In Space For Seven
→If the booster rocket fails during launch, eight SuperDraco engines of 73,000 newtons each can quickly steer the space capsule away from the rocket. →16 small Draco thrusters make it possible to steer the craft in space. Each thruster is responsible
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Tiger King: Tree Hugger Of A Different Stripe
Environmental campaigners are not the only ones who hug trees. The Siberian tiger embraces trunks to mark its territory, which may stretch up to 2000km within Russian forests. With a weight of up to 300kg, the Siberian tiger is the largest of the six