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1995 film has a lot to answer for. Not only was there egregious product placement for a certain fizzy beverage with red and white branding, but it helped reinforce the

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Get Bpytop
Just four months after its release, Bashtop was superseded by Bpytop. Looks and functionality remain similar, although there’s now a dedicated bind to switch modes between a full display, statistics and processes. Bpytop boasts mouse support, a togg
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Instant Bifrost
“Since our previous Panfrost update, the open source stack for Arm’s Mali Midgard and Bifrost GPUs, we’ve focused on taking our driver from its reverse-engineered origins on Midgard to a mature stack. We’ve overhauled both the Gallium driver and the
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Quick Tip
You can only use uppercase letters to define ‘handles’ in pdftk. You can, however, use a single letter or use them in combination to define ‘handles’. For instance, you can use A, B, D, Z, TT or ASD as your ‘handles’. The man pages, help command an