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There’s a school of thought that says we (or anyone) shouldn’t provide information that budding hackers could use to cause damage

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Guix System v1.2.0
Guix System is a stateless meta distribution whose origins can be traced back to a research paper. The operating system, which has had its 1.2.0 release, is built around the Guix package manager, which is one of the most advanced open source package
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Distribute An Image, Sans Cloud
What if you want to take a customised image and transfer it to another computer for use, without using the cloud? It’s a pretty simple process. First we need to create a single tar.gz image containing the image. Start by typing docker save -o ./[file
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Images In Dockerfile
In the main part of this tutorial, we customised an image by working in a Docker container. However, another way of doing things is to create an image manually from what is called a Dockerfile. Below is a simple example Dockerfile: Create a fresh di