Linux Format


On a long-enough timeline, everyone runs out of disk space. This is the law. While you can’t outrun this outcome, you can fend it off by being on the lookout for unnecessary files. For this tutorial, and because that’s the purpose agedu serves, we define files that haven’t been accessed in quite a while as unnecessary.

The utility is offered in the default installation by most desktop distributions. You can, however, install it using the software repositories. If you’re

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Use A Local Receiver
If using a remotely hosted Web SDR seems like cheating, it’s possible to use your own hardware to receive satellite signals. You could put together all the kit you need for as little as £10 plus the cost of some bits and pieces to make the antenna. T
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Who We Are
I lost many a brave (and broken) virtual machines in the great RAID reformat of 2021, but new ones are starting to re-establish themselves. Mostly I like to have lots of Mint and Ubuntu VMs around to remind me how much easier my life would be if I di
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Make Use Of Hyperlinks
You can include hyperlinks within your Freeplane mind-maps. This can be hyperlinks between nodes as well as hyperlinks to other mind-maps that can be embedded into other applications. This makes it easy to jump back to your mind-map from, say, a text