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Linux Format1 min cititeTelecommunications
Librem 5 progress
Purism, the company behind the Librem 5 smartphone, which is being built with open-source software at its heart, has announced that progress has been continuing apace. While Librem 5 phones are being sent out to early backers, Purism has been sourcin
Linux Format1 min cititeComputers
IBM’s COBOL Comes To Linux
Tech giant IBM has announced a COBOL compiler of Linux on x86. In a statement (see it says that, “COBOL for Linux on x86 1.1 is the latest addition to the IBM COBOL compiler family… [and] is based on the same advanced optimi
Linux Format5 min cititeComputers
AlmaLinux OS 8.3
Late last year, Red Hat pulled the funding for the CentOS project, leaving its developers no option but to shutter it, and instead focus on the newly introduced CentOS Stream distro (see our review in LXF275). The technical differences notwithstandin