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Why haven’t contact tracing Apps done more to stop COVID-19?

HEN NEVADA’S DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH and human services launched one of the nation’s first COVID-19 contact-tracing smartphone apps on Aug. 24, state authorities “strongly recommend[ed]” all 3 million-plus Nevadans make use of the mobile public-health software. But 2½ months later, only around

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Faster, Stronger, Wherever
WEDDING CUPCAKES MAY PROPEL A JAVELIN thrower to gold at the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo. In typical times, such a statement would seem ridiculous. But these days, it sounds plausible. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck last year, Kara Winger, a three-time
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No Time To Lose
TWENTY MILLION. THAT WAS THE NUMBER OF Americans who were supposed to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by now. Instead, just under 5 million people have received a shot, and 17 million doses have been shipped to the states and other jurisdictions that
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What Could Climate Change Mean For The World’s Weather In 2021?
2020 WAS A YEAR OF EXTREME WEATHER. Hot and dry conditions drove wildfires across vast areas of Australia, California, Brazil and Siberia. A record-breaking Atlantic hurricane season landed a double blow of hugely damaging storms on Central America.