The Unexpected Emergence of Li Bai’s Calligraphy Work

Recently, Mr. Fu Shen made public his latest research result on “Taunting Magistrate Wang of Liyang County for Refusing to Drink”. Mr. Fu Shen, 83, is a famous Chinese art historian, appraiser of calligraphy and paintings, the former director of the Chinese Art Department of Freer Gallery of Art, a steering committee member of Taipei Palace Museum, a concurrent professor of the Institute of Art History of Taiwan University, a visiting professor of Zhejiang University, and an honorary professor of Nanjing University.

Li Bai (701-762 A.D.) was a famous Chinese poet of Tang Dynasty. With the courtesy name of Taibai, as well as the pseudonyms of “Householder of Azure Lotus” and “Banished Transcendent”, he was also regarded as the “Immortal Poet” by later generations. When it comes to Li Bai’s calligraphy works, people are more familiar with the calligraphy scroll “Going up To Sun Terrace” collected by the Palace Museum in Beijing. However, in Mr. Fu Shen’s opinion,

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