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No bookstores or haircuts? Europeans question pandemic edicts.

Garden stores “tap into the psyche of the British public,” says Peter Hulatt, managing director of Camden Garden Centre in London. “When the economy is difficult, everyone goes into nest building mode. … It's about making where you live a better place to be. In lockdown, that’s magnified 10 times.” Source: Shafi Musaddique

There they were, wedged between the sprinkles and the chocolate chips: a set of candles. Niamh O’Brien knew they weren’t vital to her boyfriend’s birthday celebration that evening, but they were mere inches from reach. Unfortunately, a stretch of red-and-white tape prevented her from going down this supermarket aisle; a plastic sheet draped over the shelves. 

With candles deemed a nonessential item in France’s second lockdown, Ms. O’Brien had a choice – buck the tradition this year, or duck under the tape and grab them.

“I asked the shop clerk if I could get the candles and he said no, so I asked if he could take them for me, but he said he wasn’t allowed,” says Ms. O’Brien, who was shopping in an E.Leclerc superstore in Toulouse. “So I snuck

OK, what if we do it like this?An eye on the holidays

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