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TicWatch Pro 3

From keeping track of your daily fitness and nighttime health to sending texts and listening to music, the TicWatch Pro 3 is jam-packed with features to enjoy. This watch shines as a tool to reach your fitness goals. Equipped with a built-in barometer, GPS and motion tracker, TicWatch can offer real-time feedback on your exercise routine to help you

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How It Works4 min cititeAstronomy & Space Sciences
Mars 2020
NASA’s latest Mars venture was launched in July 2020, but it was nearly seven months later, on 18 February this year, that it finally touched down on the Red Planet. It was the space agency’s sixth successful Mars landing this century – an impressive
How It Works1 min cititeBiology
Behind The Eyes
Behind the lens of an eye is this network of vessels and cells. In orange is the DNA of retinal ganglion cells, responsible for transmitting image-forming information from the retina to the brain. In green are supportive non-neuronal cells called gli
How It Works1 min citite
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Andy is a freelance science writer based in Exeter, UK. He previously worked in early stage drug discovery research, followed by a brief stint in silicone adhesive and rubber manufacturing. Andrew has a PhD in astrophysics and 30 years in public and