220 Triathlon


There’s a cast of regular characters who routinely pop up in my writings including the anonymous tormentor known only as my ‘evil swimming coach,’ whose identity has been masked in secrecy thanks to my terror of what he’ll put me through if I reveal his name.

Well, the evil one’s announced his retirement from coaching us, so with fear of watery retribution now a

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Omega Booster
Omegas are known to carry a host of health benefits, but why exactly should you fill up on them? Essential omega-3 and omega-6 are healthy unsaturated fats, which the body can’t naturally make. We therefore need to get them from the food that we eat,
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Fuel Like A Pro
“My race-day breakfast consists of two bagels with honey, washed down with an Americano. Bagels are a fantastic source of dense calories but are pretty easy on the stomach, while coffee just makes everything better. I’ll then sip an electrolyte drink
220 Triathlon2 min citite
Does Warp Speed Equal Warped Sport?
When an electric bike first cruised past my weaving frame and heaving lungs on a slight incline, I still summoned the energy to call foul. When Zwift recruited an avatar army via computer simulation, I swore ‘not while there’s fresh air and sun on my