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‘Before I realised I was menopausal, I thought I had dementia! I had a foggy brain, as well as aching joints, dry eyes, night sweats and more.

I was born in Guernsey, brought up in South Africa and at school I was obsessed with my vegetarian art teacher. One day, I told my parents I was

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Anyone looking to tone up and boost their heart health will enjoy the audio drama of the Apocalypse Survival Training app (free trial with in-app purchases,, which combines aliens, time travel and more. In addition to
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NARLOA Pink Detox Bath Soak (£13, is a blissful blend of dried rose petals, ylang ylang, bergamot, Dead Sea salt and Himalayan pink salt. Feel your worries wash away as the essential oils soothe any anxiety or tension, while the salts sti
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Pets have been the secret superheroes of the pandemic, according to new research from Australia. A combination of lockdown and social distancing meant that many living alone were deprived of human-to-human contact for much of 2020 – while everyone ex