You can in theory create and publish a new podcast with just an iPhone. Using a selection of apps it is now possible to complete the end to end process in the palm of your hand, but to do so may result in a show that does not quite compete on a technical level with the ever growing competition. The content is, of course, of paramount importance – it needs to be interesting, as original as possible and sticky enough to keep listeners coming back through a subscription – but audio quality and flawless production also go a long way to making a successful podcast. In a format that is generally audio only, the way the audio is presented becomes more important than, for example, on YouTube. We will go through the entire process to help ensure that you can create the best possible offering with your Apple gear.

The visuals count

Despite podcasts being an audible format, shows tend to be discovered visually. You will need to take time to create attractive episode imagery and descriptions that entice the potential listener to take a chance on what you are offering. It will take less time to create all of the visuals than to record and edit just one podcast episode.

■ The art

The main podcast image is more noticeable on a podcast than on almost any other digital media. Think of it as similar to a book cover because it is the very first thing that any potential listener will see.

■ And repeat

Everywhere your podcast is displayed your artwork and episode descriptions will appear so look for a consistent approach. You want your listeners to be able to spot your work with just a glance and to look forward to the next episode.

■ Be descriptive

The main description of your podcast will be seen everywhere it is syndicated and so you need to ensure that it drags the listener in straightaway. With so many shows available, it takes something special to stand out.

■ Time counts

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