The Threepenny Review

Objects May Appear

Not a flotation device.

More like a mirror wherein objects may appear closer than—Lately I’ve been penning my obituary (haven’t we all?)

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When David asks, “Where does the saying ‘She still has her marbles’ come from?” I’d been talking about my ma, who’s 94, same as David, though David said, “I’m 94 and four months, so she’s still a child.” I say, “It’s got to come from being a kid, wou
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The Threepenny Review
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Not Writing about Cézanne
A FEW YEARS ago, reviewing a show in London of Cézanne’s paintings of cardplayers, I began by saying, “Cézanne, whose work was the touchstone for critical thinking and writing on art for more than a century, cannot be written about any more.” And wen