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1 You agree with Adam Zagajewski, who has described The Threepenny Review as “one of the most original literary magazines not only in the U.S. but also on the entire planet.”

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A Note On The Artworks
Black River Falls, where the photographs in this issue were taken, is a small city in the central plains of Wisconsin. Alessandra Sanguinetti has been visiting there since 2014 to document a culture outside the ken of most Americans. Sanguinetti’s ph
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Why I Love Lame Excuses from College Freshmen
I hate it when their dads die their moms too but dad always dies more so, I relate trying to sit through class with your bones not there to support you you dissolve into the desk try to disappear just tell me your alarm did not wake you pull yourself
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A Spark of Humanity
RED BEARD, Akira Kurosawa’s twenty-fourth film, was the only one he ever made that could be described unequivocally as a coming-of-age story. Set in early nineteenth-century Japan, it focuses on Noboru Yasumoto (Yûzô Kayama), a callow, proud, willful