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How the Cicada Screams
I ONCE ACCIDENTALLY dug up a cicada in the springtime, killing it right before it was meant to fly. The house I lived in, my parents’ house, had a ring of plants around it—the man who lived there before, by most accounts a generally grumpy and not we
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The Poet of Kyrgyzstan
THE MAN called Kenje Kara the Fiddler (real name unknown) would have been of middle age when he was called up from the village of Besh-küngöy, near the foot of the Tienshan Mountains, to entertain a peculiar group of visitors foreign to his land. Now
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Photo Credits
The fifteen photos in this issue were all taken by Alessandra Sanguinetti and are copyrighted in the name of the artist. Pier 24 Photography kindly provided us with the scans, which come from Sanguinetti’s Black River Falls series. Below are captions