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ProofHub: Simple, Straightforward Project Management

ProofHub is an online project-management app that helps teams organize projects, track their status, and collaborate. With an orderly interface and emphasis on simplicity, ProofHub delivers all the core tools you need to manage projects. It doesn’t have every feature under the sun, but it’s also not too complicated, making it the perfect balance for many teams. You can track multiple projects, create dependencies among tasks in a Gantt chart view, and get time estimates from your team members. But you don’t get budgeting, invoicing, or resource-management tools (although you can integrate with accounting software if needed). The interface could be a touch more intuitive, and pages occasionally load slowly. Overall, though, it’s an excellent app for teams that need to work on projects together. The price is right for a small and growing team, too, as ProofHub charges a flat monthly rate regardless of how many people use it.

After testing more than two dozen apps for managing projects, PCMag has picked Zoho Projects and Teamwork (formerly known as Teamwork Projects) as its Editors’ Choice winners

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