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A woman, making wine and selling Champagne? Really! They’ll be becoming surgeons, engineers and prime ministers next! Your feminist lecture on the ‘Women of Champagne’ was really not the sort of thing for which I – and, I suspect, many others – buy . You can of course print that sort of material if

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Tasted & rated for Decanter Premium
The highly regarded 1994 was recently rated 98 points by Matthew Luczy for Decanter Premium. ‘I’ve had the pleasure of tasting this wine several times over the years, and it never fails to impress,’ he said, adding that the wine ‘should hold for anot
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Change Comes To St-emilion
Something intriguing is happening in St-Emilion. Call it a quiet mutation, but since the latter part of the last decade a stylistic change has become steadily more apparent. Fruit, freshness and drinkability have become the new mantra, while overripe
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Spirited Winemakers
Grappa, marc, orujo: where you have wine, spirits often follow. For centuries, winemakers keen to minimise waste and make cash have turned the natural by-product of the winemaking industry, pomace – leftover grape skins, pulp and stems – into somethi