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Alchemy: The Soul of Astrology, by Clare Martin. The Wessex Astrologer, wessexastrologer.com, 126 pages, paper, $16.00.

There are three fundamental scenarios in using a birth chart. The first is seen in the case of people who know the basics of astrology and are not yet proficient when it comes to interpretation. The learner is face-to-face with a piece of paper with a chart on it, and trying to make sense

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Moving planets in the sky in July present us with dynamic and ever-changing patterns that can bring opportunities for progress, times of frustration, and moments of inspiration. This column describes your Sun sign’s relationship to these patterns, pr
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The Wiles, Ways, and Woes of Pluto and Scorpio
Pluto is considered to be power personified in astrology. Though it is sometimes said to rule the dark side of life, it is probably more correct to say that Pluto prominent in a birth chart indicates someone who wants to dig deep to discover what is
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1st-8th: Family reunion. Give some thought to planning a family reunion to gather new information about your genealogical roots, Aries. On the 5th, when the Sun in your solar 4th forms a sextile with Uranus in your solar 2nd, ask relatives to help pl