Watercolor Artist

Imagined Landscapes

As a young art student, I often heard the phrase, “Mother nature is the best teacher.” The implication from instructors was that an aspiring painter could hope to do no more than to honor and reflect—as honestly as possible—the world that we see around us every day. Naturally, any painter’s work will improve through ardent study of light and atmosphere, and the people, places and things that compose the observable environment in which we live. Yet even when I was an inexperienced painter, I knew that if I had any hope of one day developing

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How Did A Change In Surface Or Tool—or An Outside Influence—change Your Art Or Process In A Meaningful Way?
For many years, I used very small brushes—Nos. 00, 0 and 1—to paint details. Then, Ricard Escoda showed me that if you use good kolinsky brushes, the points on the larger brushes—Nos. 2, 4 and 6—can make the same fine lines. With the small brushes, I
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New To A View
“I always return to watercolor,” says Australian artist and university instructor Rae Andrews. “It’s such a fascinating medium, versatile and full of surprises.” Andrews took her passion for the medium to YouTube after getting a stream of requests fo
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Painting Big
Yeoman likes to paint big. She began her “Crows and Ravens” series with sheets of standard, 22x30 Arches paper. Then she graduated to the oversized 25¾x40 sheets, which she prefers to pull off of rolls of hot-pressed paper. “My largest painting of cr