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The Best of 2020 (in Watercolor)

Illinois Watercolor Society

Dongfeng Li MOREHEAD, KY.

“In 2017, I received a Morehead State University internal research grant to work with an ethnic group for a series of artwork. I visited the southern part of Tibet for 10 days and took more than 100 photos of the people and landscapes while I was there. The unique dress, jewelry, colors, special celebrations and worship activities impressed me greatly.

“The subject in this painting is shown dancing during a celebratory ceremony that took place on a snowy day. Her devotion and optimism were infectious, and her outfit and beautiful jewelry were only highlighted by the gray day.”

“When I’m jurying, I look for art that transports me to another time and space. There were so many good paintings that captured the facts in this year’s show. Then there was art that went beyond the facts to capture the essence of the subject, and these were the pieces that won awards. A Touch of Light Snow on the Tibetan Plateau goes beyond reality; it goes beyond the emotional and beyond the senses. It captures the heart and transports the viewer to a different time and place. Art like that can shake us to the very core of our being, daring us to never be the same again.”

Watercolor Society of Alabama

Matthew Bird SYKESVILLE, MD.

“I was born in the port city of would be a fun challenge to paint, starting with the crusty, barnacled shells, which reveal the oysters’ ages; and therefore, how long they can take to cultivate. Not unlike the mollusks, I work slowly; my paintings are born out over long periods of time, but my patience is usually rewarded in the final result.

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