What Hi-Fi?


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Up to £300

Sony NW-A55L £160

Best portable music player under £250, Awards 2020

Sony hasn’t carried out an update for the sake of it; the refresh is justified by squeezing

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What Hi-Fi?2 min cititeComputers
View offers whf.cm/BBCDPlayers Awards 2015 If you already have a DAC (the CXC is useless without one) we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this transport over a standalone CD player. Type CD transport Outputs Coaxial, optical Best CD player under £50
What Hi-Fi?4 min cititeTelecommunications
OnePlus 9 Pro
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What Hi-Fi?1 min citite
View offers whf.cm/BBAVHifiRacks February 2018 Another class-leading support from Atacama that’s cheaper than its Award-winning sibling. It lets your kit perform at its best. Width 590mm Modular Yes Cable management No Reviewed online, 2018 Hi-Fi Rac