Artist's Palette

Honest Art

From a very early age I’ve been into drawing, painting and making things. I seemed to find interest in things wherever I went. I once melted down the lead from a broken stained glass window. I carved a small block of wood with a heart shape in the centre, and I melted the lead over a fire and made some great lead hearts. After they cooled, I made a hole in each and glued crystal stones into them. I gave one to my little sister Kath and kept one for myself.

In my young adult years, work didn’t leave much time for painting, but the urge in me to draw on everything never faded and I found I drew on whatever was at hand: Walls, doors, fences, drink coasters; particularly tablecloths at restaurants. While waiting for meals I would slip out my pencil or biro and proceed to decorate my section of

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