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Society as a whole benefits immeasurably fromAttorney and politician

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Ingenuity: The Revolutionary Helicopter That Flew On Mars
NASA has made history once again. Its Ingenuity helicopter took to the skies of Mars for the first time, marking a new age of planetary exploration. Ingenuity’s flight is the first powered flight on another planet – an event Nasa described as “a Wrig
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enduring influence. This brings to mind a pamphlet written by Joe Slovo entitled “The South African Working Class and the National Democratic Revolution” (1988). Slovo articulates the principal task of the national liberation Struggle, reinforcing ou
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In Defence Of Decolonial Education
A FEW weeks ago, South Africa's social media and mainstream media platforms constructed a social outrage over remarks by Dr Lwazi Lushaba, a decolonial lecturer at the UCT. While the outrage was defined by the typical factional and racist defined nar