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Human rights are not a privilege conferredAlbanian-Indian Roman Catholic nun and missionary

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Saturday Star3 min cititeCrime & Violence
A Family Torn In Two
A NAMIBIAN father, whose newborn twin girls are stuck in South Africa, has accused his government of blatantly refusing to acknowledge a legal document issued by South Africa. Dr Phillip Lühl and his Mexican husband Guillermo Delgado had the joy of t
Saturday Star3 min cititeInternational Relations
Co-ordinated Multilateral Action Key To Address World’s Challenges
I WOULD like to thank the Vietnamese presidency for the opportunity to brief the Security Council on what has been a key priority since taking office: co-operation between the UN and regional and subregional organisations. This co-operation has grown
Saturday Star4 min citite
Oscars Finally Show Women Some R.e.s.p.e.c.t
‘NO, I’M not homeless. I’m just houseless. Not the same thing, right?” Poignant words by the protagonist of Nomadland, the film – up for an Oscar tomorrow night – that shook a dying cinematic world awake this year. Frances McDormand, also up for the