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Jonni Bidwell

y trusty desktop PC’s power supply has given up the ghost, so I’ve been enjoying laptop life lately. Pop!_OS really flies on the

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Get Your Kit Ready
With more than 34 million units sold, the Raspberry Pi is not only one of the world’s most popular computers – it’s also one of the most important. Originally designed to help kids learn about technology, this inexpensive, single-board system is the
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How We Tested…
By and large, we’ve grabbed the latest, stable version of each Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). However, with music software on Linux, it’s quite often the case that the version in the official distribution repository is badly out of date. In these c
Linux Format2 min cititeComputers
Bitcoin Node with RaspiBlitz
You’re not going to get rich mining Bitcoin on a Raspberry Pi. Even with dedicated ASIC mining hardware it’s hard to compete with industrial operations in countries with subsidised electricity supplies. The story is the same for other cryptocurrencie