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Get Linux on your laptop! There’s no doubt many of you already have, but just as with running Linux on a desktop there’s

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Also Consider
If you see an interesting-looking piece of Linux music software, make sure that it’s still being supported. There are many old projects that look good, but that have been abandoned by the developers. Rosegarden ( is a traditio
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Saluting Kernelci
“KernelCI has been driving continuous integration for the Linux kernel with hundreds of commits every day since its creation in 2012 and as a Linux Foundation project since 2019. The platform can help you find and fix several problems, including regr
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Multi-room Pi audio
Multi-room audio systems can cost a pretty penny, but who needs to buy an expensive set of wireless speakers when you can use some Raspberry Pis and any 3.5mm wired speakers to achieve the same effect? We’ll use our Pi 4s and speakers/receivers (with