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The painting techniques of the world’s best artists

, Jenny Saville’s recent exhibition at New York’s Gagosian Gallery, continues her claims to being the finest British figurative artist of her generation. Though the surface of a portrait such as , pictured, is filled with intriguing passages of mark making in various unlikely colours, Saville is still able to create a convincing sense of form by

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I •Coloured Pencils Mars Violet, Black and Plum, all Derwent Procolour pencils; Dark Orange, Amber Gold, Natural Brown, Wild Lavender, Mid Ultramarine, Turquoise Green, Strawberry, Flame, Moonstone, Oyster and Flesh Pink
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I really enjoyed writing about Wassily Kandinsky for this issue because he and I have something (almost) in common – and sadly, it’s not that I’m also a successful Russian abstract painter whose works sell for billions of rubles. No, it’s that Kandin
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1 Wrap a clean rag or paper towel around the ferrule (the metal bit of the brush) and wipe away from the handle – you want to avoid pigment getting down the ferrule. Repeat as necessary. 2 Dip the brush head in a jar of odourless thinners (a safer a