Australian House & Garden

Lucy Montgomery

so I spent a lot of time in hotels growing up. We even lived in one for five years. My favourite was an 1860s Italianate government building that my parents converted into a beautiful upmarket hotel. I spent countless hours there before and after school, and I remember being in awe of the transformation – I loved how the aesthetic, spatial and material choices shaped the experience of the

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Australian House & Garden1 min cititeArchitecture
This Is The Life
“We’ve lived in Paris and Amsterdam, and we now reside in a densely populated part of Sydney,” says Jordan. “Despite that, our home feels very private, almost like a resort. I think a lot of that feeling comes from the courtyard and its green wall.”
Australian House & Garden1 min citite
This Is The Life
As parents of two teenagers, Joe and Kate were careful to factor independent spaces for the boys into an overall flexible floor plan that could adapt as the family’s needs changed. To this end, Rueben and Miles’ quarters are located at the opposite e
Australian House & Garden3 min citite
Tucked down one of inner-Melbourne’s ubiquitous graffitied laneways is a nondescript metal door. Push it open and you find yourself in a whimsical communal courtyard. Climbing roses and clematis tangle with masses of purple love-in-a-mist and Avonvie