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Worryingly, one in three women admit that they would have surgery due to an insecurity. Almost half of UK females say they hate their stomach, while 40% say that they would like to get rid of their wrinkles, and 36% dislike their thighs.**

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Little One
Which word describes a horse with a coat that has white hairs evenly interspersed among the main coat colour? Solve the crossword, then read down the shaded squares to spell out the prize answer. 1 TV personality, _Vorderman (5) 4 Not happy (3) 5 Con
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7-13 May You’re feeling impulsive and are planning a surprise for your partner – a romantic stroll or a special meal. It’s time to embrace your feelings and let them flow. • Call 0905 817 0690* for more Look out for bargain kitchen gadgets online. Yo
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A True Queen
Sending my application off for the Miss University UK pageant in London, I was still plagued with worries. My body was still experiencing numbness. Would I be able to walk the catwalk? What would people think of a model with MS? But I was determined