AMD Precision Boost Overdrive 2

One of the ways that enthusiasts tinker with their processors is through overclocking: the attempt to get more performance by changing frequencies and voltages, up to the limits of the system. Another way is through undervolting – removing voltage from the processor to help lower temperatures and offer higher thermal headroom (or lower power consumption). It all depends on the silicon, and if

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Samsung Has Troubles Restarting Texas Fab
Samsung Foundry, Infineon Technologies, and NXP Semiconductors have not yet restarted operating their fabs in Austin, Texas, as they need time to clean them up and configure them again. The idling fabs will further contribute to the ongoing global sh
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Hello GPU Shortages, Again
JARRED WALTON Jarred Walton has been a PC and gaming enthusiast for over 30 years. Last year’s deluge of graphics card launches felt like a good thing. Ampere brought new levels of performance from Nvidia, and AMD closed the gap with its RDNA2 GPUs.
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Bitwarden vs LastPass
Bitwarden needs (for desktop app): CPU: 64bit dual-core RAM: 4GB | Free for personal use | bitwarden.com LastPass runs on any PC that can run a supported browser | Free for personal use | lastpass.com Password managers are, we think, generally a goo