Backwards compatibility is the best thing about the PS5 and Xbox Series X

The first game I booted up on my freshly unboxed Xbox Series X was the 2010 RPG classic . The first game I booted up on the PlayStation 5 was the 2010 indie platformer . No, not , or : I delayed the gratification of console ray-tracing and next-gen beauty in favour of the reassurance that yes, finally, console companies

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Auto Photo Compress
Free/subscription The increase in phone camera quality has also led to an increase in photo file size on phones. For some uses this is great. Having the high resolution and detail in your pocket is wonderful for professional use. However, running ou
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Under The Hood
We get it. A new Ubuntu release, even an LTS, isn’t the cause célèbre it once was. But we’ve always said that this lack of ground-breaking change is a good thing. It shows that Ubuntu has reached such a level of maturity that refinement, and not radi
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Apple M1 runs Windows 10 faster than Surface Pro X
A developer using the handle @imbushuo on Twitter has posted Geekbench versions 4 and 5 scores that compare Windows 10 on Arm on an M1 computer with the Microsoft-made Surface Pro X. Windows on an M1 got a single-core score of 1,288 and multi-core sc